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  1. February 4th, 2020 10am PST
    The alphabet soup of Digital Engineering
    Learn about all those three letter acronyms in enterprise systems. What is PDM or PLM? How do they fit with ERP, MRP, and MES?
  2. Feb. 11th 2020 11am ET
    Asset Performance Manager Industry 4.0
    Asset performance management (APM) grew out of traditional maintenance, inspection, and Integrity management of physical assets and processes. But in a connected world, the IIoT can yield higher availability, higher production, fewer equipment failures, lower maintenance costs, and higher OEE.
  3. Feb. 13th 2020 11am ET
    How to Select Digital Transformation
    Join Jim Brown, President of Tech-Clarity and PTC in their upcoming digital transformation discussion. Learn how to develop a solid digital transformation strategy compared to an in-house solution. Find out why this change is most critical for today´s industrial machine builders.
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