Solutions Consulting

​​Having the right team with expert level solutions knowledge is a fundamental component to deploying enabling technologies.​​

Our team of engineering business technology and deployment experts work in collaboration with our consulting team to craft solutions that meet our customers’ requirements and ensure a seamless integration of business process and technology.

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​​Read about some of the projects  and customizations completed by EDE in the publications and case studies .

Systems Architecture

Areas:  Systems support for operations, business process analysis, technology solutions, software & database implementation, organizational culture change

Core Competencies
  • Strategic requirements alignment  & ROI development
  • Business process definition, analysis, & value-stream optimization
  • Software/tools assessment & implementation
  • Quality Management System (QMS) implementation & AS/ISO compliance
  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems implementation
  • Deployment project planning & management
  • Training & learning management

Enterprise Management

Areas: Configuration management, Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems,  programming, software integration, databases, business intelligence reporting

Core Competencies:
  • Integrated process excellence per IpX model
  • Configuration management per CM2 model
  • ERP systems integration
  • Metrics & KPIs planning
  • Report configuration & generation
  • Auditing


Areas: Operations scaling, production ramp-up, requirements compliance, bid  proposal packaging & submittal

Core Competencies:
  • Lean value-stream mapping
  • Ramp-up & capacity planning
  • Gap analysis & road mapping
  • Supply chain management
  • Manufacturing flow & floor layout
  • Customer bid/proposal creation

Model-Based Definition

Areas: Model-based definition (MBD), digital product definition (DPD), 2D drawings, 3D models

Core Competencies:
  • Conversion from 2D to 3D
  • CAD model translation to manufacturing data
  • ASME Y14.41
  • Boeing specification D6-51991