Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

PTC Windchill

Windchill offers breakthrough Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) capabilities, unleashing more data to more stakeholders throughout your organization through a single source of truth for product data and processes.

With it, your organization will improve product quality by connecting teams directly to live operational data. You’ll also reduce IT burden and overhead while ensuring accessibility and security with both on-premise and cloud deployment options.

Windchill is a true end-to-end PLM platform that is IoT-ready.
ptc windchill
ptc windchill
The average engineer loses 25% of their time to data management. That’s time wasted searching for files, recreating data, updating systems and answering requests.

PTC makes data management easy with a single view to the latest multi-CAD and product data. Securely share more consumable data with non-engineering colleagues through role-based, self-service applications and 3D visualization technology.

Now available in the PTC Cloud, PDM removes your burden of data administration and lets you get back to design.
 Windchill is the first PLM that is…

Smart – Drive innovation with better, smarter, PLM access for all users.

Connected – Improve the quality with field performance data to support all lifecycle processes.

Complete – Manage product complication with one direct source for all product data.

Flexible – Reduce costs with efficient cloud architecture supporting all deployments.

Windchill now includes

Role based apps: Navigate
- Make role and task-specific PLM data available to all users in the product lifecycle
- Support better decision making and rapid innovation by utilizing PLM data throughout the company

Connected Quality: Windchill quality – ThingWorx extension
- Understand real-time performance and quality by capturing and analyzing IoT data
- Improve speed and accuracy of root cause analysis and drive corrective actions faster for next iteration of products

ALM-PLM Integration: Requirements traceability
- Link data seamlessly without duplication with OSLC implementation
- Track and manage requirements across the product lifecycle, with end-to-end traceability

Smart, Connected support: Performance advisor for Windchill
- Leverage IoT Technology, Windchill automatically alerts PTC Technical Support of its issues
- Secure and compliant to enable proactive support, performance advisor for Windchill improves the administrator and        end-user experience by improving PLM performance, reliability, and uptime

Making accurate product information easily and quickly available to a broad set of downstream roles such as in manufacturing, service, purchasing and quality is increasingly important to meet product schedule cost and quality goals.

ThingWorx Navigate enables you to:

• Increase enterprise collaboration

• Accelerate product development

• Minimize training

• Speed adoption, agility

• Increase efficiency

• Reduce errors/rework costs

The Navigate role-based framework enables customers to identify which apps should be available to each role group and individually tailor each of the apps for the behavior needed by each role group. 

For example, a customer may make only the view drawing and view document task available to production roles in manufacturing.  And the view drawing app may be constrained to only access drawings for the subset of products or assemblies that are manufactured in the cells of the manufacturing group.

For a procurement role or group, you might tailor the parts list task to add columns for make/buy attributes, show preferred suppliers, show quantities in stock, minimum order quantities and quantities on order.

ThingWorx Navigate

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Windchill PDM Essentials

PTC Windchill Product Data Management (PDM) system is included on the Windchill production software to increase productivity and product data organization for users.

​Today’s manufacturing environment involves the use of multiple CAD tools, disparate teams managing a higher volume of more complex product data and a greater need for collaboration.

Manage, Share, and Review Product Information with PDM PTC makes data management easy with a single view to the latest multi-CAD and product data. Product design can securely share more consumable data with non-engineering stakeholders through role-based, self-service applications and 3D visualization technology. Based on Windchill software, PTC’s PDM solution removes the burden of data administration and lets product designers get back to what they do best – design.

​See how Elite Aerospace Group takes advantage of PTC Windchill for PLM in the video below!