Methodology & Training

 Defining your company’s methodology clearly and concisely is tantamount to success in business. A well-defined and validated procedure eliminates confusion or ambiguity that can result in costly disruptions to business. operations 

By leveraging our decades of experience in engineering and manufacturing, we lead the definition and authoring of methodology to guide engineering and operations teams to efficient and best practices.

Documentation of standard methodology and actual practice are critical for consistently high-quality products and also for obtaining industry certifications such as AS or ISO in all areas of management systems, whether quality, data integrity, security, etc.

Core Competencies:
  • Business operating systems
    • Enterprise-wide processes & procedures
    • Operational work instructions
  • Engineering design methodology
    • Standards in hardware
    • Configuration management
  • Lean change management
  • Document control best practices
    • ​Versioning
    • Records management
    • Naming & numbering
To take the most advantage of your solutions, it is crucial to give your employees all possible resources to excel in the use your systems, tools, and methodology.

We provide training at all levels regarding any systems/tool implementation: from administration and configuration to the end-user experience.

Core Competencies :
  • Instructor-led training (in-person and/or web-based)
  • Training material creation
    • ​Presentations
    • Videos
    • Manuals & guides
  • Learning management system (LMS) implementation