Internet of Things (IoT)

PTC Thingworx

ThingWorx is more than an IoT platform; it provides the functionality, flexibility and scalability that businesses need to drive industrial innovation─including the ability to source, contextualize and synthesize data while orchestrating processes and delivering powerful web, mobile and AR experiences.
PTC thingworx
ThingWorx includes the following functionality: 

Predictive Modeling - Incorporates supervised machine learning into industrial IoT solutions and extends data science practices with automated predictive and prescription modeling - without the need for algorithm expertise by users

Explanatory Analytics - Enables better understanding of industrial IoT data, providing a variety of advanced algorithms that allows users to discover useful patterns and correlations within data

Real-Time Monitoring - Monitors data streams using a variety of statistical and machine learning techniques to learn "normal" conditions and identify unexpected changes in behavior 

Predictive Scoring – Anticipates future outcomes and offers the ability to make relevant outcome- based predictions based on data within ThingWorx 

Prescriptive Scoring – Improves future performance and results by automatically executing simulations to generate
recommendations that will optimize the product and process performance

Digital Simulation – Uses integrated models and other computational providers within the application to simulate behavior of physical products in the digital world

Descriptive Services – Pre-built calculations and other transformations, useful in both general IoT application development and as a preparation step in changing raw data into useful insights for predictive analytics training and scoring

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