Creo Automation Tools


Many companies struggle with Bill-of-Materials (BOM) exports, formatting, and cleanup of CAD Parameters and Values in their models. The CAD parameter data is often the 'safe-source' which all other enterprise systems rely on. 

The most common complaints are:
Wasted time cleaning Creo BOM Exports to their needed format in Excel
Wasted time fixing Creo Model Parameters and Values needed in their BOM Exports

We have partnered with Simplified Logic to present Nitro-BOM which is a bi-directional Creo<-> Excel tool for Bill of Materials Automation. Nitro-BOM enables you to perform Model-specific Parameter/Value changes in Excel and can import your changes to your Creo Models directly. All of these operations can be performed across the entire assembly structure with a single click of a button! 

  • Add/Create Creo Parameters and Values
  • Modify Creo Parameter Values
  • Delete Creo Parameters
  • Designare or Un-Designate Creo Parameters

  • Rename Models and Related Drawings
  • Synchronize Multiple Excel Workbooks/Worksheets​​

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