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Many companies struggle with Bill-of-Materials (BOM) exports, formatting, and cleanup of CAD Parameters and Values in their models. The CAD parameter data is often the 'safe-source' which all other enterprise systems rely on. 

The most common complaints are:
Wasted time cleaning Creo BOM Exports to their needed format in Excel
Wasted time fixing Creo Model Parameters and Values needed in their BOM Exports

We have partnered with Simplified Logic to present Nitro-BOM which is a bi-directional Creo<-> Excel tool for Bill of Materials Automation. Nitro-BOM enables you to perform Model-specific Parameter/Value changes in Excel and can import your changes to your Creo Models directly. All of these operations can be performed across the entire assembly structure with a single click of a button! 

  • Add/Create Creo Parameters and Values
  • Modify Creo Parameter Values
  • Delete Creo Parameters
  • Designare or Un-Designate Creo Parameters

  • Rename Models and Related Drawings
  • Synchronize Multiple Excel Workbooks/Worksheets​​
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Nitro-CELL uses Microsoft Excel to enable you to BOTH capture -and- leverage your know how.
You can do AMAZING things very quickly, here are a just a few common things people do: 
  • Nitro-CELL has over 280 easy-to-use functions... and keeps growing
  • Open Creo Models and Drawings (Locally, Over Networks or from Windchill PLM),
  • Create / Get / Set / Delete Parameter Data Values,
  • Batch Operations - Generate Models/Drawings, Exports, etc.
  • Create Assemblies and Assemble Components On-The-Fly!
  • Estimate Part and Assembly Costs
  • Easily Generate First Article Inspection Reports (FAIR)
    • Automatic Symbol Generation and Placement near Dimensions on Drawings
    • Automatic Export of Excel Inspection Report - correlated to Drawing Symbols
  • Synchronize Model Parameters (without Parametric Relationships)
  • Remove Intellectual Property
  • Validate and Clean-Up Model and Drawing Requirements
  • and much more!

ALL done using Microsoft Excel to capture user input and control the execution workflows! 

​Nitro-CELL enables you to capture your knowledge, put it to use, saving time and increasing profits!
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What it does

Basically - eliminates the need to edit Pro/PROGRAM for Parts and Assemblies in a Text Editor!

This was one of the most painful things about Automating Creo Parts and Assemblies. So it's been fixed!

SimplifiedLogic developed it as an internal tool for our consultants to be more productive and accurate, but it turned out to be a hit with our customers also. Here are few highlights.

  • Directly Open Pro/PROGRAM Files from Creo Parts or Assembly Models
  • Pro/PROGRAM logic is presented visually as an interactive Logic Tree
  • You can safely Add / Modify / Delete Pro/PROGRAM Logic around features and models with ease
  • You can Create / Modify / Delete Model Parameters while editing Pro/PROGRAM Logic
  • Model Parameters are automatically segmented based on their importance to your Pro/PROGRAM
    • ALL Parameters
    • Influence Parameters to the Pro/PROGRAM
    • Non-Influencing Parameters to the Pro/PROGRAM
    • Designated Model Parameters
  • Automatic Visual Highlighting of Parent / Child Feature/Model Relationships within your Pro/PROGRAM
  • Advanced Relations Editor - with ability to right-click insert Model Parameters (with data type detection)
  • Pro/PROGRAM Search and Highlight
  • Feature Rename (individual or with name-pattern generation)
  • Select Model Dimensions for Inclusion in Relations within Nitro-PROGRAM
  • and much more!

​Nitro-PROGRAM is our own secret weapon for creating / managing component and feature logic within Creo Parametric.