Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Automation

Automation of repetitive tasks enables engineering teams to focus more on value-added work and reduce engineering lead time. 

Utilizing the latest technology for computer-aided design & manufacturing (CAD & CAM), our team can deliver bespoke & off-the-shelf applications to optimize engineering works, driving productivity and maximizing value.

PTC Creo
Core Competencies:
  • Data quality standards adherence to Boeing MBD D6-51991
  • Auto drawing generation from GD&T and MBD annotations
  • Report generation
  • Data translation & migration
  • Auto-generation of manufacturing & quality data representations
  • Customized automation tools
    • CAD & spreadsheet macros
    • Windows applications & batch files
    • PDF generation & manipulation
    • ​...and more.

  • Rapid automated report generation of multiple MBD files, capturing all of the details, notes, dimensions, and views. 

Examples of Our Automation Tools:
  • Rename Instances in product tree
  • Convert units in 2D or 3D
  • Hide selected element types in 3D
  • Import/Export points
  • Create weight report
  • Various 2D drafting tools
  • Various reporting tools
  • ​Various MBD automation tools
  • ... and bespoke automation to suit your needs!