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With Vuforia Studio, users can leverage the richness of 3D and the insights from IoT to deliver compelling augmented reality (AR) experiences that help improve efficiencies, build better products and enable safer, more productive workers.
Vuforia Studio delivers powerful, industrial-strength AR technology that connects your digital and physical workspaces. It enables meaningful, actionable 3D interactions with facilities, processes and objects in the industrial world.

AR experiences created in Vuforia Studio can be used to:

- Empower service technicians with real-time access to AR-guided repair procedures
- Improve assembly time and operator efficiency with step-by-step manufacturing work instructions
- Improve knowledge transfer and reduce time & cost of workforce skills training

Shorten the time of Deployment

Vuforia Studio’s drag and drop interface makes it easy for content creators and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with no prior coding knowledge to get up and running quickly. Built for enterprise integration, scale and security, Vuforia Studio leverages existing 3D data, animated sequences and IoT data to help reduce development cost and complexity.
Experiences authored in Vuforia Studio can be deployed to the cloud or on-premise and accessed from smart phones, tablets or wearable devices via a single universal viewer application - Vuforia View. Developing and scaling enterprise-ready industrial AR experiences that simplify and improve service, manufacturing, sales and marketing has never been faster or easier.

Augmented Reality to Real Life

Vuforia Studio now unleashes the power of the Microsoft HoloLens in the industrial enterprise with built-in support for gestures and voice commands. Users can rapidly create scalable mixed reality experiences to enhance sales efforts with virtual product demonstrations, improve service/maintenance with hands-free work instruction and enable knowledge transfer for more effective training.

Allows a remote expert to “see what I see” and annotate the environment together, to quickly resolve unfamiliar or unexpected issues.

This is the Ideal Solution for Industrial Enterprises:
• Experts Mentor new technicians on-site
• Experts Travel to troubleshoot issues & support field technicians
• Experts troubleshoot in manufacturing & production lines
• Equipment uptime is critical

Vuforia Chalk comes with Out of the Box Remote Assistance
• Advanced 3D annotation anchoring
• Precise visual mark-up on real-world equipment
• Simple, intuitive user experience
• Designed for devices deployed in the field today
• Best in class technology
• Low bandwidth mode
•External calling
• Session summary
• Simple Enterprise management

Vuforia Chalk Benefits
• Reduce travel costs
• Lower cost of downtime
• Improve first-time-fix rates
• Decrease mean Time to Repair
• Meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and improve customer satisfaction
• Get new workers up to speed faster and more cost-effectively

Vuforia Chalk

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